Christmas Traditions: With Bells On

This is me, “forcing festive” on my way to work.  Growing up, I would take the big gold bell ornaments and dangle them from my pigtails while I decorated the tree.  Jingling all the way, I’m trying to put a brave face on for this holiday.

This year, I’ll be home with bells on….if only in my dreams.

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One response to “Christmas Traditions: With Bells On”

  1. I totally feel that – pretty homesick this year myself. I know being an adult is supposed to mean that you establish your own traditions and make your own home but today, all I want to do is eat my mom's cinnamon rolls and arm wrestle my brother.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas (and, if nothing else, an interesting story to tell in a few years)! I am super looking forward to the day when we get to say things like "Remember our carefree twenties when we ate little Smokies and drank $4 wine and thought 'this is the loneliest Christmas ever'? Ah, the good old days."

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