30DHN: Something That Means A Lot To Me

You know what?  I’m just going to come out and say it.

My iPhone means a lot to me.
Yup, you heard me.  I’m not going to apologize.

In a very basic way, my iPhone keeps my life on track.  HopStop app helps me find my way home when adventures get out of hand.  The clock on the front keeps me on schedule.  And I know I’m not the only one here who uses the camera to check her makeup on the subway platform!!!

Speak of the camera.  I love that I can whip out my phone and capture my life in a portable sense.  I love that I can take videos of my dogs when I visit home and photos with my friends.  When I’m sad or waiting or bored on the train, I flip through the photos and remember all the awesome things I get to do and see.  It keeps me grateful and hopeful.

My iPhone has the music that keeps me pumped throughout the day.  Music means a lot to me, too.  Everything from Motley Crue to Andrew Lloyd Webber, at my literal fingertips.  For instance, the other day I was angry and rushed and a lyric from George Harrison popped up on shuffle:  “please remember peace is how we make it…” and I was reminded to be kind and softened up a bit.  And hearing “I Am The Best” on the way to work puts a strut in my step.  And how would I get out the door in the morning if I didn’t first “Turn My Swag On”??  I ask you.

Finally, it’s so easy for me to reach my friends at any time.  My iPhone brings all manner of people into my life at all times.  Any moment, one of my beautiful wonderful friends could ping my phone and make my day.  On break at work, I can’t wait to turn my phone on and laugh and gasp along with my friends and their foibles.

So, I cheated.  What means a lot to me?  Memories.  Music.  People. 
And they’re all where they belong.
In my iPhone.

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

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  1. All I have to say is YES! It may sound shallow but I truly love my phone, for the same reasons. I can FaceTime with my mom and niece and can see videos of her rolling over and trying to call until I can be there in person. Thank you Steve Jobs, just thank you.

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