30DHN: Something I’m Proud Of

Today I would like to share that I am proud of my bills.  Yes, my bills.

I am proud of my electric bill.  It comes in my name, with my address on it.  And I pay it.  I am responsible, mostly and in part, for keeping the energy flowing in my apartment that I so enjoy.  The power I use to charge my phone, watch Battlestar Galactica, and yes, blog.  That’s all me.

I am proud of my therapy bills.  I am proud that I took charge of my problems, sought help, and found a way to make it work for me.  I did that all by myself.  I had no help from anyone.  Except, um, my therapist, obviously.  But that’s an issue we’re working on.

I am proud of my food bills.  I am proud of my stocked cupboard, of having all the things I need, of always having food in the house.  I never go hungry, I never feel guilty about eating double snacks at night, or just standing in front of the fridge shoveling pasta salad into my mouth straight from the container.  I love my vitamins, all lined up on the shelf where I can reach them every morning and remember to take them.  I love taking care of myself and doing it for me, not because I owe it to anyone else or have anything to prove.

I am proud of living as an adult on my terms.  An adult who sometimes stays home all day blogging, and sometimes stays out until 2 in the morning partying.

But always pays her bills.

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November


3 responses to “30DHN: Something I’m Proud Of”

  1. Yayy for bills!

  2. I think that's absolutely something to be proud of, especially the way you worded it.

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