30DHN: Something I Could Never Tire Of

My windowsill nook The crazy bathroom storage that screams “tiny Manhattan apartment” Gizmo giving me the coy side-eye in the kitchen Waking up to this view …And having a home to come home to.

30DHN: A Skill I’d Like to Learn

Many people say they wish they had the ability to juggle, metaphorically. I would really just like to juggle. I would love to be able to perform on demand that feat of lightness and whimsy.  I may just be a collector of parlor tricks and jokes, but it seems to[…]

30DHN: Something I’m Looking Forward To

Don’t we all look forward to the end of the day? I look forward to the end of every day because I never go straight home. This week, I look forward to seeing a friend, going to dinner, and going on a short mini-vacation “upstate”. Never a dull moment.Not unless[…]

30DHN: Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1.  I constantly have to be having a text conversation with somebody.  I think I’m addicted to human interaction.  It’s a little embarrassing.  And maybe unhealthy.  Sometimes I’m okay without it while I’m walking and listening to music, but lately it’s gotten worse and worse. 2.  I hate showers.  I[…]

30DHN: What I Love About My Job

I totally do, you guys.  I totally love my job.  Oh, I have two jobs, and I absolutely love them both. I love being a “greeter” in an NYC store because I get to chat up perfect strangers.  I get to coo at babies and give candy to toddlers in[…]

30DHN: Something That Means A Lot To Me

You know what?  I’m just going to come out and say it. My iPhone means a lot to me.Yup, you heard me.  I’m not going to apologize. In a very basic way, my iPhone keeps my life on track.  HopStop app helps me find my way home when adventures get[…]

Weekend Update!

How could I possibly resist a link-up named after a segment on SNL?  I couldn’t.  So I’m linking up with Sami’s Shenanigans to let you know a little about my whirlwind weekend! This weekend, my flatmate (which sounds better than roommate, I’ve decided, because A. It’s British and B. it[…]

30DHN: Myself, One Year Ago

What a glamorous face. One year ago, I: lived in Washington Heights couldn’t handle a little heat wore too many bracelets had awful bangs carried a gray purse was ashamed of how I looked had a lot more hair (for better or worse) worked at the toy store had too[…]

Freshly Inked

It is with great pride that I introduce you to my newest obsessions. Here they are, just a few minutes old: Still in the plastic: And the ever-important morning after:

30DHN: My Family

Today is a scary morning.  I’m waiting to see if I’m scheduled to work on Black Friday.  If I am, it means I’ll be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Year’s alone.  No family. The funny thing about my family is that I grew up independent.  I never really saw the[…]

30DHN: Someone Who Inspires Me

Source: greatmodernpictures.com via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: theberry.com via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: bohemianshoebox.tumblr.com via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: bradcoweb.com via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest

Sometimes Silver Linings…

…are made of tin foil. Like, for instance, when you’re on an awkward date at Chipotle, and it’s really really cold, and your hands are freezing.  You buy yourself some tacos, force some awkward conversation, and end up finding a pair of leather gloves! And also, a flying crane made[…]

30DHN: Three Blogs I Always Read

Nat the Fat Rat:  for escapism Life of Bon:  for laughs The Nearsighted Owl:  for inspiration I’ve said enough.  Let these ladies do the talking.

30DHN: Style Inspiration for the Season

This fall/winter, as indeed every fall/winter, I start to get a little discontent. The cold makes me angry.  Layers upon layers of warm clothing needed to survive out in the windy streets feels like body armor.  Hunching your shoulders around your ears against the cold feels like the shrug of[…]