30DHN: What I Love About My Job

I totally do, you guys.  I totally love my job.  Oh, I have two jobs, and I absolutely love them both.

I love being a “greeter” in an NYC store because I get to chat up perfect strangers.  I get to coo at babies and give candy to toddlers in cute hats.  I make so many new friends a day.  I am the belle of the ball.  Here’s what I love the most:  I come up with a silly pun, or goofy joke, while I’m handing out candy.  Today’s was “Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t be a turkey, gobble it up!”  Then I strike a “punch line” pose and strangers look me in the eye and give me a laugh.  I am a star, and I just made them a little bit happier than before.

I love being a tour guide because this city is my passion.  I adore it (No, really?  Click the NYC section on the left hand sidebar and see).  I keep discovering more and more about the fascinating place where I live and I get to share that with like-minded individuals.  Maybe I would even spark a love of my city in them.  Here’s what I absolutely love:  When I tell my most dramatic story, I stretch out the last…few…words…    then I pick up the lantern, and walk silently away.  My crowd, who have been jovially chatting all this while, are silent behind me.  Or speaking in hushed, reverent whispers.  I have them in the palm of my hand and they have been affected, truly affected.

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

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