30DHN: Something I’m Proud Of

Today I would like to share that I am proud of my bills.  Yes, my bills. I am proud of my electric bill.  It comes in my name, with my address on it.  And I pay it.  I am responsible, mostly and in part, for keeping the energy flowing in[…]

30DHN: The Last Item I Purchased

The last item I purchased were some Biotin supplements at Duane Reade. At the register, the checkout clerk asked me how I was doing.  I replied honestly that I was doing well.  Really well. “The sun is shining, how could it get any better?”  I paused, feeling empathy for a[…]

30DHN: Three Years Ago Today

November 11, 2009 I wake up early in my house in Forest Hills, Queens.  Turn on the TV to NY Nonstop to get the weather forecast for the day.  Take a slow, leisurely bath in the bathroom with hideous peeling wallpaper and plastic shower curtains taped to the tile walls[…]

30DHN: A Favourite Recipe

I don’t cook.  I never, ever cook.  No, I cook once a week.  Once a week and THAT’S IT.  I cook this: 1 box of pasta 1 giant bottle of Italian dressing 1 brick of mozzarella, cubed 1 pint of grape tomatoes, halved 2 cans of black olives 1 can[…]

Self-Portraits of a Day

2:15pm.  Walking in sunny Chelsea 2:30pm in Chelsea Market.Late for a date but at least I look great. 7:15pm, Times Square.Showing off my lantern, pre-ghost tour.A homeless man said “You’re beautiful.” My lantern brings all the hobos to the yard. 9:45pm, the 1 train home.Completely empty car but for the[…]

The Write Stuff

A lot of blogs I know have been linking up with Joelle at Something Charming for this cool handwriting post.  I love it because I think handwriting is very intimate.  Someone’s handwriting can tell volumes about them, you know?  My dad is vivacious and lives life to the fullest.  He[…]

30DHN: Three Inspirational Quotes

My roommate and I have several inspirational quotes we live by: Don’t stand on the folding chairs. No boy (except David Bowie) is worth crying over. Don’t date the vegans, because they will always judge you. But these are good, too: Source: pardonmyaccent.tumblr.com via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net via[…]

30DHN: A Song For The Day

Tori Amos makes me feel like and emotional and creative nincompoop sometimes.  Who knows how to be their own girl?  Ouch. “Girl”, Tori Amos

30DHN: A Book I’m Reading

Source: sparehed.com via Wim on Pinterest I’m not reading anything. BECAUSE I can’t get my hands on what I want to read. Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown. I’ve loved Funny Misshapen Body, and Little Things, but I hear Clumsy is really where it’s at. Let me know if you read it,[…]

Lady in Red

When you have the choice to take the subway or walk 2.5 miles on a clear night, always take the walking option. Friday night, New York City was one big – RED – light district. From Madison Square Park… …to the Empire State building…

30DHN: My Hometown

There’s the town I was born in.  The town I grew up in.  But my home in my heart will always be New York City. Growing up, I had a map of the subway system on my wall to remind me of my dream.  Then, when I was 24, I[…]

30DHN: A Friend I Adore

My newest and closest friend deserves a tribute today.  She has been having ups and downs and deserves to be told how wonderful she is. Which I try to do every day.  Which is easy because I live with her. My new roommate is beautiful.  Multi-talented, generous, and full of[…]

30DHN: Something I Never Leave the House Without.

For Day Three of 30 Days Hath November, I humbly present something I never leave the house without. Indeed, it is something NO ONE should EVER leave the house without. Except for that one time I did leave the house without it, and felt really stupid about it. Clockwise, from[…]

30DHN: A Favourite Movie

For Day 2 of 30 Days Hath November, we are supposed to write about a favourite movie.  Everyone knows my two favourites.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch, because it’s tattooed on my arm.  And Gone With the Wind, because duh, I’m totally Scarlett O’Hara.  But whenever I am sick, or[…]

30DHN: A Place I’d Like to Travel

Fire up those blogging fingers, kiddos!  Desiree at So Fawned has, for the past THREE YEARS (!), been hosting an awesome series for the month of November:  30 Days Hath November.   Every day comes with a new writing prompt, and I just knew I had to tackle the challenge!  The[…]

Halloween Hangover

My Halloween tradition is to work, go home, and eat Oreos while watching movies.  With all the hurricane madness, I was scared that my dreams of being invited to an awesome party and dressing up for Halloween would be dashed. Just when all seemed lost (Halloween morning), my neighbor from[…]