Vacation Recap: Grandma & Me

I was supposed to be born on my Grandma’s birthday.  But I took a little bit longer than most to leave “home.”  Story of my life.

Grandma and I both tell the same stories over and over again.  We both try to cheat at cards – only she gets away with it more than I do.  And we both fall asleep during movies.

We have a family tradition with birthdays.  It’s a bit tricky to explain.  When cutting a birthday cake, the birthday boy or girl puts the knife in the cake, and for good luck, the person with the next most recent birthday takes the knife out.  When it’s Grandma’s birthday, I always get to take the knife out.

There’s another family tradition:  when saying goodbye after a visit, Grandma starts to cry, and then everyone else is crying.  I’m amazed we can back out of her long, tricky driveway while the waterworks are flowing! 

And that’s where we were while I took this picture.  So, no harsh judgements, please.

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