Gonna Make You Sweat

Question:  I would like someone who is a capable adult to tell me whether or not it’s okay to use deodorant everywhere.  Like EVERYWHERE.

My walk from the train to work goes across Central Park + 4 additional blocks.  During that journey, I will invariably become completely drenched in sweat AND THEN, I have to work!  At least my job has air conditioning!

But I’m tired of showing up at work in soggy clothes so I devised that I should slather my entire body in Degree.

As it is, I’m fairly abusing baby powder to try to quell the sweating that invariably results from having to walk the steamy streets and waiting underground for trains near the humming subway equipment.

I’ve tried sucking it up and enjoying it.  Sometimes bathing in my own sweat can be cleansing.  It’s like being in a sauna, or a steam room, or having heat-induced hallucinations for free!  The downside is the chalky powder residue all over my beautiful red couch.

And um, I think Skipit has developed a bit of a problem as well…

As long as we’re over-sharing, what’s the best deodorant?
I like the Secret Clinical Sport stuff.

Which is weird, because I HATE sports.

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