Best / Worst TV Show

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Drop Dead Diva
may be the most amazing show on television:  they take the most offensive, weakest premise imaginable and turn it into a charming, touching, addictive comedy/drama/law procedural.  WHAT?!?

Here’s the gist:  what’s worse than dying in a car accident?  Why, BEING FAT, of course!

The first three episodes are the most condescending, insulting, shallow bullshit you’ll ever watch.

And yet, somewhere along the way, the show all but completely drops the Freaky Friday conceit and becomes a show about a young woman overcoming prejudices and fighting for justice.  Like Ally McBeal.  Except without the mini-skirts, and with an endless bland rotation of boring skirt-suits.

Have you seen the show?
Does it fill you with indignant rage?
Or are you charmed by its sweetness?
Why are there no queer storylines on
Drop Dead Diva?
Please tell me!

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