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  • 2017 Favorites

    2017 Favorites

      Don’t get me wrong: the *second* the clock hits midnight, I’m erasing 2017 from my memory. It’s GONE. I’m going to repress and re-repress and re-re-repress until 2017 becomes The Year That Never Happened. Like 2012! I’m always forgetting 2012, and with good reason! It blew. It totally blew. And that’s where I intend to put 2017: in…

  • Damn, Am I Glad I Went To The #WomensMarchNYC

    Damn, Am I Glad I Went To The #WomensMarchNYC

    Ok, so I didn’t go enthusiastically. Not at first. My fear and distrust of the general public has increased 1000% after the election. I know that My Liberal Bubble is a relatively safe and progressive place to live, but since November 9th, I can’t help but eye every cis white man with a little bit…