GOOD NEWS! Have Your Pussy and Eat Cake Too

  Ummm, I started this draft when I was on my period and craving cake, and I saw these vulva cupcakes and WOAH. Yes. Yum. Please (via MetroUK).   This week (yesterday!) was International Women’s Day, which I have complicated feelings about now? the future isnt female. the future is[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’m finally going to get ALL THE EMOJIS this weekend!

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m especially excited for THIS WEEKEND because my boyfriend has promised to help me update my phone to the latest iOS! My phone is still on iOS 7.something, because I’m terrified of updating it. This is where my beloved pops his head in and says “THAT’S BECAUSE[…]

Happy International Woman’s Day #IWD2017

I was going to post something entirely different today, or post nothing at all (WOMEN’S STRIKE!) but then, I started thinking about it, and I started getting all misty-eyed about it, and I realized that I really wanted to wish a lot of people Happy Women’s Day, and that it[…]