Can’t-Miss Podcast: Bear Brook


photo via the Bear Brook website


Bear Brook, a podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio, is my latest obsession!


I don’t even know how I heard of it, but damn, I’m glad I did! Consider this your *nudge* to check it out. I listened to almost every episode while working late this week, and quickly devoured all 6 beautifully-produced episodes of this jaw-dropping and heart-breaking mystery.


Did you love Stranger Things? Episode 1 introduces us to the winding story via a group of kids exploring a wooded area in 1985. OK, I’m instantly hooked!


From there, this tale meanders from the woods of New Hampshire, all the way to California, and back again. If you’re a true crime podcast aficionado, or if you love those tightly-produced Netflix true crime documentary series like Making a Murderer and The Keepers, there is a lot for you to love here.


I don’t want to spoil any of the incredible details of this case, buuuut I do need to talk about it with someone, so GO GO GO! listen to Bear Brook podcast on your preferred podcast platform (I found it on Spotify, it’s also on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts) and then come back to the comments here to dish about it with me!!!


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  1. chelsea w Avatar
    chelsea w

    Ummm…anything even remotely similar to Stranger Things sounds like something I need to get myself all up into. I’m going to look it up soon and let you know if I listen to it!

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