Getting Back On The Horse


I have no idea why, BUT, I’ve been having the hardest time posting anything here.


My “drafts” folder has been GROWING and GROWING!!! and yet, it’s just so hard to be satisfied with anything enough to hit “publish” on it.


I’m a firm believer in just getting back on the horse. That the only way something gets easier is JUST TO DO IT. I’m a human being who runs towards discomfort. I think anybody who actually enjoys Burning Man is. Anybody who gets a massive chest tattoo might be.


It’s not that I haven’t felt compelled to blog. I have like, 40 blog ideas every day! Hence my 225 drafts. It’s just, when I sit down in front of my blog, I add 2-3 sentences to 2-3 different posts, then fall asleep. I work hard for the money, so you’d better treat me right! And nothing actually gets posted. You can’t see all the hard work going on behind the scenes! I have loads of solidly great content just inching its way towards the finish line back here!


I’m trying to create better habits for blogging. I’m attempting to get the WordPress app working on my phone again, so as to blog on long train rides (instead of, or concurrently with, listening to podcasts, which I also enjoy), but the stupid app won’t let me log in? And I’m changing my expectations. I mean, back in the day, when I didn’t have a job, I could easily churn out 700-1000 words! Maybe I’m a 300-400 word woman now? I can be okay with that!


The biggest struggle here is that I’m trying to create more PuRpOsEfUL CoNtEnT (I can’t even type the words without making fun of myself, ugh, who do I think I am?). I don’t just want to blog for the sake of blogging. For that momentary high of hitting “publish” and thinking “YES! I accomplished something!” Posting link roundups doesn’t really do it for me anymore (though I do enjoy looking back on all the fun content I’ve “bookmarked” in those posts and I probably will post another roundup very soon of things I enjoy). I love AND hate link roundups for this reason: they’re “too easy”. And they’re more often than not MORE meaningful to the person making them than to the people reading them. What do you think? Do you like roundups? Let me know!


It’s actually embarrassing how long it’s taken me to get even just this draft out. I think I have too many  B I G  ideas, then I get too busy with other things to actually follow through on them. Or, how long I wait for things to be “perfect” before sending them out into the world. First step: Press “Publish.” Yeaaaaah. Now we’re back on the horse.



horse picture via Wikimedia Commons

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    • Absolutely agree! Also, WTF wordpress not emailing me when I get comments??? Hmm. Well, thank you, as always!

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