GOOD NEWS! Showgirls Come In Threes



I have been curating this stuff since Saturday for ya. SATURDAY! And I’m not really sticking to the “Good News” motto of this piece. More like… “Here are things I found on the internet that I want to bookmark and/or make YOU aware of.” Which is like… I mean, YOU have the Internet! I’m sure you know about these things!



Like, everybody has read the Uma Thurman piece, which I believe is required reading for 2018, despite Maureen Dowd’s gross attempts to sexualize Thurman throughout the piece (gross?)

And speaking of gross, remember when Rose McGowan went all TERF in a Barnes & Noble and we cancelled her? Cancelled until further notice aka fervent apology. So. Yeah.


So it’s not like this has been a GREAT week, but THIS made me laugh:

And then THIS crossed my path?


And Jesus, these things must come in Threes, because all of a sudden THIS got made???


My therapist and I have been wrestling with what I want right now versus what I need. Versus what I think I want versus what other people think I need. It’s actually really hard to untangle all of this confusion but I found some hope for connection in my February horoscope, as brought to you by the Astro Poets. Yep, I’m horoscope obsessed, and somebody’s finally told me something good.


My good friend sent me this photo of a completely crocheted wig and I’m fascinated! Also mad jealous of that cute lil face tattoo!


KYLIE JENNER HAD HER BABY! And I am FLOORED by all the hoops that were jumped through to keep this a secret. Including having Christmas in October?? Wow.


Roxane Gay tackles one of the most topical subjects of the day when she asks “Can I Enjoy The Art But Denounce The Artist?” for Marie Claire. Where do y’all stand on this? Personally, I say, “throw them in the bin.” There are plenty of creatives who aren’t serial abusers or rape apologists or TERFs. Once we fire/ban all the bad guys, maybe we’ll get some heroes who actually DESERVE to be put up on pedestals.


I don’t care for the gendered assumption that periods = women, but this is pretty cool nonetheless: PornHub is offering free Premium content to users who are on their periods! I’m going to try this! I’ve never actually used PornHub for…you know… porn, but I’m a big fan of period positivity AND that one time they pranked us for April Fool’s Day (lol CornHub). So I look forward to seeing what “premium content” they might offer!


AND that’s basically “it” for this week. Can you tell I’ve been sick with a fever since, like, Sunday??? I feel very disjointed and unproductive. Tonight I may be going out to watch the OPENING CEREMONY of the Olympics! Can’t wait to see THESE CHEERLEADERS!! Then, Saturday, we’re having a RPDR AS3 viewing party in my building, and Sunday I have rehearsal all day and I neeeeeeeed to go food shopping. Send me healthy well-wishes, loves!

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  1. yeah the way the interviewer kept on framing Thurman’s story within the aesthetic of Kill Bill was like….NAGL? Like what’s the point of trying to codify female trauma with the language and imagery of an action movie?

    • I think I got officially grossed out with this line: “Stretching out her lanky frame on a brown velvet couch in front of the fire…” like, WHUT?!? Why was this detail necessary to include? She’s talking about being horribly abused, not starring in a Rod Stewart music video! It betrays the tone of the piece completely.

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