GOOD NEWS! And Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow


Hello, Friday! Our current weather is this: golden sunshine, POURING rain, and rumbles of thunder. That’s…pretty much a great metaphor for how my week has been: tempestuous but hopeful. Painful, but cleansing? No personal details, but all you need to know is I’m ok. The weather is pretty alarming, but also kind of incredible at the same time.


Tatiana Gill illustrated her body positive journey and wow, it’s a ride. It’s so amazing to hear stories like this, like mine, that show how actually complicated disordered eating and body image can be. Please give this a read.

Similarly, Rosemary Donahue at Nylon gets personal all while brilliantly explaining why “clean eating” and related health talk can very triggering for people with eating disorders. I especially enjoyed the part where she talked about her stressors causing her to lose her appetite — that’s a huge lightbulb moment for me. This week, I lost my appetite, and that awful little voice inside me started to whisper, “If you keep on dodging meals like this, you’ll lose so much weight!” This, after years of working on and succeeding at intuitive eating and trying to balance emotional eating with food preferences and consciously working on cooking more healthful meals! I was really frustrated with myself and felt kind of like a failure when the stress remained, but my appetite came back. How sad is it that a part of me would rather be stressed, sick to my stomach, and miserable — but skinny — as opposed to happy and healthy? There’s no comparison.

Jihan Forbes at Allure can’t praise Melania’s style because her politics are so deplorable. SAD! This was a nice read for some perspective. I absolutely agree, by the way.


Pop! Designs and Creations makes WEARABLE BALLOON SUITS. This is one of the coolest, most creative, and interesting things I’ve seen on the Internet this whole week!!!


So the other day in Therapy, I told my therapist that I’m afraid that I talk too much. Now I have that thought at least once in every therapy session. The inside of my mind is a hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but this comic makes it seem cute:


Okay so I’m thrilled that I found KatieRyan430 on Instagram, she’s the hilarious little girl whose comedy and line delivery is ON POINT! Follow her NOW and you won’t be sorry!


Oh they warned me that this was a tearjerker!!! Watch out, yer gonna get red and blotchy here!


Now, if you thought THAT was intense, here’s a vid that will burn its way through your eyeballs and you’ll never forget it:


Okay, I can’t believe I haven’t shared this here yet, BUT, this is one of the commercials that plays on YouTube for me ALL THE TIME and every single time, it makes me absolutely melt. It reminds me of this one picture of Ashton, lying in the sunshine, being “Little Spoon” to his (smaller than him) stuffed duckie. He loved his stuffies. Okay, now watch this commercial while I have a long cry:


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