GOOD NEWS! I’m “So Emotional,” Baby!


‘Morning! Yer looking at the mysterious side-toe bruise that appeared last week and still hasn’t fully dissipated. I have no idea how to even GET a bruise in this spot. Please don’t tell me that side-toe-bruises are an ominous sign of like, a deadly disease or something.


This week has been a blur of workshop, making deliveries, and falling asleep by 9pm. We had a big meeting for Burning Man planning, and I’m so excited, like, I turn to jelly every time I think about it.


On Wednesday, we found a Scutigera coleoptrata in our house! It was exciting! It feels like we have a pet who will (hopefully) eat any of the mosquitos that try to invade our home this summer!


Ok now on to the fun stuff:


This Cup of Jo roundup of travel pillows is hilarious to me??? Check it out and tell me you aren’t amazed and bemused by the selection of various types of travel pillows. Really.


Jake the Diamond Dog is an incredible good boy!


This hand-drawn map of Brooklyn consisting of the neighborhoods is SO COOL, I can imagine it making any home or office that much cooler.


If you love food and gowns and cosplay, you need to follow Olivia Mears aka Avant Geek on Instagram!


Wow, we could not have had a more dramatic and fabulous conclusion to season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I mean, THIS!:


So we all love Sasha, but do you know that she has a DOG?!? Vanya Velour is incredible and yes, I love him.

2 responses to “GOOD NEWS! I’m “So Emotional,” Baby!”

  1. OH MY GOD. I have a severe fear of centipedes. mainly because when I lived in my basement dorm in college, they practically invaded my room and yes, I was bitten several times (once in the shower on my FACE and once in my bed). SO I had no idea that’s what that link was going to lead me to and I totally freaked out. Fun facts though, but holy jeeebus. *Shivers*

  2. I agree with Chelsea W — I HATE anything with more than 4 legs!! After the house in Ohio, with a colony of centipedes in the basement, I squirm at just the thought of those creepy insects!!! Ewwww!!!!

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