High School Acquaintance Bravely Doesn’t Share Political Opinion on Facebook

Lisa is a stay-at-home mother of two with no shortage of opinions, but this time, she’s staying mum.
“I typed out five angry paragraphs,” she said, “But then I just deleted them.”
Shockwaves from this irregular event can be felt across the Internet and beyond. Holding her tongue is not a habit for Lisa. The author recalls an incident half a lifetime ago when Lisa announced to your the entire Biology classroom that you were the ugliest girl in the class of 2002; but maybe she’s learned from all that:
“Did I say that?” Lisa batted her naturally long eyelashes in confusion. “I don’t remember. That was so long ago. Maybe. I don’t know.” She smiled beatifically, and then, “I don’t think I said that.”
If this incident of self-restraint is indicative of a new leaf being turned over, then we have to wonder how Lisa will make her opinions known? “I tweeted: ‘almost went off on FB today but not gonna,’ with the angel emoji,” she sighed blissfully. “I’ll save that rant for another day.”


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