12 Reaction GIFs to Valley of the Dolls

Right so I have officially become a woman: I just watched Valley of the Dolls. Yes, all five hours of it. I wasn’t actually sure if I liked the movie until the ending, and then as soon as it was over, I whispered to myself under my breath, Yas, queen. It’s streaming on Netflix now, so go & watch it! If you’ve already seen it, let’s have a kiki about this incredible piece of cinema, through the medium of GIFs. Yes, GIFs, of course! These are the dozen reactions I had during the course of the film:

When we first meet Anne:

sammi sweetheart

When Helen Lawson kicks Neely out of her show cuz she’s too good:

who the fuck do you think I am

when Lyon tells Anne he’ll hit it, but he won’t put a ring on it:

aint nobody got time for that

when Neely, Jennifer, and Mel are casually dropping all those homophobic slurs by the poolside:

aw hell naw

when Jennifer finds out that Tony is sick:

kris jenner crying

when Jennifer starts doing porn to pay the bills:

miss j oh eek

when Neely goes to rehab:

Queen youre a hot mess

when Jennifer finds a LUMP and you’re like “oh shit” and then —

magikarp guy


when Anne finds out that Neely stole her man & starts popping pills & rolling on the beach:

pull yourself together

when Neely snatches Helen’s wig and puts it in the toilet but Helen just carries the fuck on like she don’t give a shit:

double wig

to Neeley’s ending:

I was rooting for you

to Anne’s ending:

boy bye

The End!


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