5 Fandom Friday: I'm Cool Like…

This week’s prompt is to list fictional characters that you identify with.  As much as I wish I was totall awesome like Buffy Summers and Donna Noble, I’m probably just lame like these guys:

1.  Batgirl of Burnside  probably the reason I keep reading is because despite how she makes me face palm every time she gets super butthurt and pulls a pout is because I understand the mind of the flawed character.  She trips on her ego and falls flat on her face!  She’s trying to do the right thing but it’s hard for her to delegate and trust people!  I liked her most recent comic and am excited to see the mess she gets into when it starts up again soon!

2.  Luna Lovegood  I actually don’t really like her all that much … Ouch, please stop throwing rocks!  But I remember being like her when I was young…a little too weird for everyone else but firm in my beliefs that what I did was cool. She turned out okay in the end, fingers crossed for ME!

3.  Usagi/Sailor Moon  loves food, cries easily, total klutz…I’ll leave it at that.

4.  Willow Rosenberg  I may not have cool powers, but her character journey always impressed me even more than Buffy’s and I always liked her outfits, too!!!  Even season one!  Willow doesn’t get enough respect.
5.  Cally Henderson Tyrol  pulls off a jumpsuit, no?  Lo, though I have always wanted to be Starbuck…or Athena…I’m probably Cally.  Loyal, trusting…to a fault, really!  Poor Cally.

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