Here Comes The Sun

I am a July baby, that’s for sure.  I think I actually hibernate during the winters, until my true self can come out at the first sign of Light Jacket Weather.  Which is exactly what we’re starting to have up here in the frozen tundra New York City.


After the winter we’ve had, it’s unspeakably marvelous to slip into a light jacket, slide on my favourite pair of sunglasses and just start walking out the front door, which is just what I’ve been doing at every opportunity! 

Even my lovely city seems to be peeking out from under the layers of drab it puts on every winter to keep warm, and showing more of its lovely self.

The air smells like damp dirt, the sun has taken on that too-bright glare and all too soon, we’ll be choking on humidity and begging for respite once more.  But for the early spring, when a light sweater is still mandatory and leggings forgive us for going the odd day without shaving, we can dream of lying in the sunshine under a tree in Central Park, propping up a parasol for shade and laughing with a friend, sharing a romantic picnic or even just a good book to ourselves.  The prospects seem brighter when the sun stays out an hour later.

And here comes the sun.

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