Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Green Bean Snack

Trader Joe-san’s Green Beans

Tastes Like:  Nothing else you’ve ever had.  Closest thing I can figure is either veggie straws, or non-cheesy Cheetos Crunchy.  Hard and salty outer shell, light and crispy airy insides.

Great With:  A side for a sandwich, maybe some of the smaller pieces would be nice to adorn a salad or if we’re getting crazy with it, throw some into a wrap for texture and crunch!

Perfect For:  SALT CRAVINGS.  Greasy enough for your avowed chip fiend, light and crunchy enough for it to feel like a healthy snack.

Must Know: 
Contains no gluten ingredients.  I don’t see them on the vegan list, but they are listed as vegetarian, so use your discretion.

Costs:  $3.29 a bag, which may seem a little steep for only 4oz, but these pack strong flavor into every bite and the bag actually contains four servings’ worth.

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