Trader Joe's Tuesday: Coconut Body Butter

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter

Tastes Like:  DO NOT EAT THIS PRODUCT!  Dab a little of the rich, thick-churned creaminess onto your skin and rub it in and you’ll feel good enough to eat.  And you’ll smell like a pina colada.

Great With:  Itchy, dry, or cracked skin.

Perfect For:  Overshare?  My psoriasis breakouts.  Dry, cracked, winter hands.  Rough spots on your feet.  And for giving massages.

Must Know: 
Cruelty free!  And though the list of ingredients is looooong, most of the ingredients are “certified organic.”  I don’t know if this is a “vegan” bath product, but it sure doesn’t aggravate any of my skin sensitivites, so that’s all I care about!

Costs:  $5.99 but trust me, a little goes a looooong way.  I’ve had my container for almost a year, and thanks to the incredibly thick texture, it spreads beautifully and only a little is needed for high-impact moisturizing.

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