Play With Your Food: “Cosmos” Edition

For the past eight weeks, Sunday night has meant rush home from work to watch Neil deGrasse Tyson host the new run of Cosmos on Fox!  Last week, I got out of work an hour early and my boyfriend suggested that we make a Cosmos-themed dinner.  Television and food puns?  I can get down with that.

For our appetizer, we took our CHIP of the Imagination through a tour of the GalaxSALSA.  Not the most ambitious, but it did pair nicely with what my dude cooked up next:

These were so good, I’d consume all of them in my path:  Black Hole Black Bean Burritos.  Let’s talk about these:  black beans plus vegan cheddar plus Udi’s tortillas.

But my favourite pun of the night was the dish I worked tirelessly to perfect:

Ladies and gentlemen, the KALE deGrasse TOSSED SALAD!  A bed of fresh kale adorned with broccoli hair, carrot mustache and eyebrows, cherry tomato eyes and a smile of pine nuts.    Delicious!

If you’ve missed any episodes of Cosmos, fear not!  They are available on Hulu!  Catch up before this week’s episode!


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