Drinking at the Movies

In the introduction to her book Drinking at the Movies, cartoonist Julia Wertz asserts that “the last thing New York needs is yet another ‘idealistic young’un moves to the big city and really gets put through the ringer before she beats the odds and makes it big!’ story.”

Drinking at the Movies is the PERFECT “idealistic young’un moves to the big city and really gets put through the ringer” story.  Her highly observant and relatable tale of moving to Brooklyn is proliferated with homeless and hipsters, and she is able to distinguish between the two!  Right from page one, she keeps the ball rolling and you can’t help but hang on for the ride:

On a personal note, I would like to mention that I read most of the book at the actual laundromat.  Maybe that’s why I found her story so relatable!  Her own tale is unique – stories of family despondency and addiction amid the universal truisms of life in this rotting apple:

Heh, you want proof of global warming?  Spend a summer in any New York walkup apartment.  The author draws herself in the most self-debasing light, unafraid to bare her soul and her pitfalls to the world.  She feels like a friend of yours, someone you could see yourself having brunch with. 

Or rather, sleeping through brunch, missing your train, getting splashed by a bus, and meeting up with in the late afternoon for some drinking at the movies.

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  1. Yea…I'm definitely going to buy this. Just took a visit to her shop and there's a package that includes a signed copy and a hand drawn panel. *THROWS MONEY*

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