What’s Your Flavor?

Big big news in the food world.  Oreo, milk’s favourite cookie, has launched two new flavors:  cookie dough and marshmallow crispy.  Viscerally upsetting to me, avoiding gluten as I am (aside from a slip-up that resulted in a MASSIVE rash last week, thanks for sharing).  Both sound amazing but could I get something gluten-free?

Uh, in other news, Jelly Belly has now officially gotten themselves a BEER FLAVOURED JELLY BEAN.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXtfO-qFj28?rel=0]

I think, personally, I’ll stick to my pina colada jelly beans.

Are you excited for these new flavors?
And what is YOUR favourite jelly bean flavour?!?
And is it possible to have delicious gluten-free Oreos?

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