Give Yourself to Glitter

I found this DIY on Pinterest and it has taken over my life.  Quite literally.  Everything is now covered in glitter!  My dresser … my boyfriend … my lunch.  Seriously!  I opened my banana at work and there was glitter inside it somehow.  So make peace with your life covered with glitter and then assemble the following supplies:

Elmer’s glue

empty glass jars (big enough to fit a tea light)

paint brush


First, pour a small amount of glue – SMALL!  It spreads! – into the bottom of the jar:

Optional step:  giggle because it looks like splooge.

Use the paintbrush to spread the glue as evenly as possible around the inside of the jar.

Here’s the moment where you must give yourself over to glitter.  Once the Pandora’s Box of glitter has been opened, the glitter genie will not go back in the bottle.  Seriously!

Pour some glitter into the jar.  If you want to, do so over a sink or bowl to try to contain the spread of the glitter but I’m warning you, it’s hopeless.  Yield yourself up to glitter.  It will own you now.

Swirl the glitter around inside the glue several times until the glitter covers everything in your life in the jar.

After a few hours, dump the loose glitter out into the sink, plop in a tea light and VOILA!  Awesome glowy glittery prettiness, perfect for a holiday tablescape.  Or the bedroom.

Just be prepared to find glitter in the most … uh … unseemly of places.

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