Employee of the Month

I’ve been busy as a bumblebee around here and yesterday I got a huge surprise.

My manager approached me with a camera and a handful of money and said “Congratulations, you’re employee of the month, I have to take your picture.”

My immediate response was to blush a fantastic shade of aubergine and sputter thanks:  “…thank you to everyone who’s ever taken a free sample…”  I mean really.  Don’t I get to make a speech? 

And then, photographs for posterity.  Of me being recently surprised and flattered.  Oh yeah, I couldn’t deprive you guys of this:

Do I really deserve this honor?  I worry that they may just be rewarding my oddness to keep me quiet.  I have a lot of fun, and I try to be nice to everyone, and I show up on time.  That’s it. 

Still, it did feel nice to have everyone congratulate me on the award.  Employee of the Month for November.  I’ll enjoy this title just as the title states:  retroactively.


2 responses to “Employee of the Month”

  1. You work at Dylan's?? We know SO many of the same people! Congrats!

  2. Congrats! Hey, a handful of cash? I'd take it and pose as well! I'm going to have to stop in there one of these days. You had me at free sample.

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