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A lot of people have observed that, in the blog world, when you talk candidly and frankly, it is a double-edged sword.  Some people (me!) love reading blogs where you get to know a person honestly, flaws and all, and share in their life for real.  Maybe other people just want to see reblogged Pinterest pins.  Neither one is better, and neither one is right.  But when you fall in the middle, it can be confusing.

Confusing…like this outfit?

The last time I wrote a post where I shared a story I felt was “risky,” I lost a follower.  An actual follower!  Losing followers can feel like losing friends.  I wondered why I cared so much whether one follower out of 118 was angry at me for trying to pick up a cellist in the park with a weird and possibly rude maneuver

I felt like I had to watch what I said.  On my own blog.  Crazy!  This is MY blog, and I should be the one who gets to approve content.  Blogs can and do exist without readers.  And so, I shall go on not seeking approval, but using the blog to explore my love of writing and reflecting.

Cuz what’s the fun of reflecting in your own head?  Not fun.

Y’know what I mean?


3 responses to “Take Back The Blog”

  1. People gonna hate, always, no matter what you do. But it's YOUR blog. Don't worry about the people followers you will lose along the way, because I'm sure you will gain much more then you loose, besides it's in reality THEIR loss!

  2. I say write what you feel. Not everyone will always connect with a post. I've never lost a follower but still, write what you feel. It's YOUR blog.

  3. Your boots are so cute! Keep writing about what you like/feel/want to because it is definitely your space to do so. That's what makes the other 118 (and future) followers stick around.

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