Vacation Recap: Bus-y Work

Riding the bus is hella boring. Even with all the modern amenities of electric outlets, wifi, and questionable bathrooms! Passing the time is difficult. Especially when you, ahem, get stuck in traffic and your bus ride doubles in length! I like to pass the time taking pictures. Mostly self-portraits and landscapes.

Leaving my city.

Feelin’ good and lovin’ the open road.
Open skies and doin’ fine.
Starting to get a bit bored.
Starting to get a bit hungry.
But, as it turns out, six hours on a bus didn’t bother me much, cuz at the end of it, my dad picked me up in his slick BMW convertible and we drove around the neighborhood blasting The Who’s greatest hits and howling “Whooooooo are you WHO WHO, WHO WHO?”

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