What A Card!

Is there anything better, on these hot, balmy days of summer, than…

…sitting inside in the air conditioning and playing card games?

I think not.

Who needs the outdoors?  Besides, card games are portable!  If you wanted to, you could…play them in a tent!  In a cabin by a lake!  Or whatever!  Here are some of my favourites…

Source: amazon.com via Paul on Pinterest

Set is like memory on SPEED!  In no time, your friends, family and loved ones will be hunched over a table, faces in their hands, completely silent save for the occasional outburst of “SET!” and subsequent groans.  This is a tense, competitive game and you’ll be totally addicted in no time!

Uno is Crazy Eights made crazier, what’s not to love?  This game is older than old, but everyone knows how to play, so why not keep a deck in your purse to play while you’re waiting for your food in busy restaurants?  You could become the cool person who always has Uno in her purse!

Apples to Apples is basically ubiquitous by this point.  Everybody has this game, and if they don’t, you know what to buy them as a hosting gift at their next dinner party.  Then after dinner, you can casually suggest a game and turn that dinner party into an all-nighter!

Source: amazon.com via PCB on Pinterest

Five Crowns will take you a little longer to catch onto than some of these other games, but it’s so worth it.  I was introduced to this game by my extended family last year over my Grandmother’s birthday.  All my life, they’ve been playing games and they instilled in me a love of games as a way of connecting!  But, more on that later.  This game is for the advanced players!  There’s math!  Scorekeeping!  AN EXTRA SUIT, for Pete’s sake!  Here’s what I suggest:  If you’re on a summer getaway, at a lodge or a cabin, and wake up your first day of vacation to TORRENTIAL rain, all your plans dashed…pick up Five Crowns and teach everyone how to play!  By the time the sun comes out, you won’t even want to go outside anymore!


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  1. I never get tired of playing Uno. I love that card game.

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