Bronx Zoo – The Zoo of Your Dreams

New York City is the city of dreamers…why should the zoo be any different?

Like this bear, who dreams of being taller!

And the peacock, who dreams of being revered.  Look at this pose!

The mouse who dreams of a nose job…poor mousey.

The snake, who dreams of being a dancer…

Look at those shapes!
So Martha Graham!

This rodent, who dreams of a menage a trois…
Dream on, buddy!

The tiger dreams of being a model…

You’re a tiger baby! 
The camera LOVES you!

Now that’s what I call fierce…
And the baby giraffe?

He wants to be an Olympic runner.
Check it out
(but be warned…if you’re allergic to ADORABLEness!)

Sorry for the poor quality…

but when nature calls, you grab your iPhone and you ANSWER IT!


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