Weekend in New Jersey

I kind of feel the same way about New Jersey as I feel about 50 Shades of Grey:  offended, yet intrigued, and perhaps slightly aroused. No, seriously,New Jersey is really quite beautiful. It has a humble charm and oh hey affordable housing!

Behold, the nightmare-inducing moving statue display!
Quoth the train conductor: “Keep yo’ feets OFF the seats!”
If you use speakerphone on the train, I will give you the O RLY face
And they call it “puppy love”!
Like, for instance, New Jersey.
From the train home.
Magical golden coins!  From the ticket machine.
Stay classy, New Jersey…


3 responses to “Weekend in New Jersey”

  1. Honestly, I don't understand why people hate on us so much. Everyone turns their nose up at NJ and for what? NJ is more advanced in fashion, music, or ANYTHING than any other state between here and California. I mean really. People in Nebraska find out about fashion trends and artists long after we've moved on to something else. NYC is great but I ♥ NJ!

    1. Freehold had the BEST stores! It was wonderful to go back to a mall. The scenery was charming, I loved the restaurants. NJ pizza is just as good! Do you have Rita's Italian Ice near you? It's DIVINE! You must try it!

  2. Save me the Pres coins….See Dylan's latest FB post….Do more travel posts!

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