Try It!

I believe in trying everything once.
I believe you should do things that scare you (a little).
You never know what you might like!

Yesterday, I had a fresh lobster at Chelsea Market!  I couldn’t take pictures while eating because hello, hot melted butter on my iPhone?  Terrible idea. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of lobster, but this one was delicious!  Mmm his yummy claws…makes me hungry just to look at this picture!

Ultimately, though, I can’t stomach eating lobster like this.  I’m a pescetarian, guys!  I firmly believe in only eating food that I could potentially catch and kill myself.  Look at that mug shot – take off those rubber bands and I would be the one in hot water!

That night I sent Eli out to get groceries – zucchini and beans to make more enchiladas for the week to come, and some soup because I feel a cold coming on.

Eels brought back not one – but TWO! – of the seaweed snacks I tried on April Fool’s Day and yes, LOVED!  They’re so addictive, I easily go through the whole package myself, which is okay because Eli tried one this time and he doesn’t like them.  Can you believe it?  His loss…

I can’t imagine going through life ruling out trying new things because of fear or intimidation of the unknown.  I am always excited to try new things provided they are not meat (ew!) or something I’m allergic to (eggs, fruit, fresh vegetables).  Just TRY things!


2 responses to “Try It!”

  1. You're allergic to fruit and fresh veggies?! You poor thing! I enjoy lobster but I prefer crab. Mmm crab cakes. And I'm hungry now.

  2. Did you forget Rhode Island lobsters? You liked it then, until the boys made puppets??

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