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  • March Through The Snow???

    March Through The Snow???

      Ok so let’s look at the facts:   It’s March 4th and it’s been declared a SNOW DAY in New York City. It’s already snowed more in MARCH than it has the ENTIRE WINTER BEFORE THIS.   I CALL SHENANIGANS!   You will recall, our first major snowfall of the year occurred on November…

  • GOOD NEWS! Snowflakes for the WIN!

    GOOD NEWS! Snowflakes for the WIN!

    Hey hey hey as I write this for tomorrow I have just found out that the 9th Circuit court D-nied that fuckin’ stupid immigration ban! Suuuuuuuck it, LIBERALS WIN! Speaking of SNOWFLAKES, we got a shit-ton of snow on Thursday (as in TODAY, as we’ve already established that I am writing this the night beforehand),…