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  • Squeaky Shoes

    Squeaky Shoes

      The skill that has taken me the longest to hone, and the skill that has served me the best in my everyday life, is the ability to squeak my shoes.   Yes, I have finally mastered the gentle scuff of my Converse against nearly any ground-type surface that elicits an ear-piercing “SQUEAK!” on demand, any time and any where.…

  • To All The Converse I Have Loved Before

    To All The Converse I Have Loved Before

    RIP, dark blue Converse (2016-2017). I broke you in on the red rocks of Joshua Tree. I wore you for eight days straight at Burning Man. I slept in you in a tent, because heaven forbid I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee, I cannot be bothered to put…