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  • A Clean Start

    A Clean Start

    If there are three words that New Yorkers hate more than “L Train Shutdown,” ~*shudder*~ it’s gotta be these three:   “IT’S   LAUNDRY   DAY.”   I was determined to start 2017 with clean everything: clean towels, clean sheets, clean clothes, clean throw pillows, clean Turbie twist. I even bought a bottle of Febreeze to de-stinkify…

  • A Photo With The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

    A Photo With The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

    Well, look at me. Me and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Trying to force some festive shit out of this anus of a year. 2016. I repeat: 2016 was an asshole. Six years ago this month, I got a visit from an old friend. December 8th, it was. I’ve been thinking a lot about him for two…