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  • Enough On My Shoulders

    Enough On My Shoulders

      The recent news cycle has been draining. The recent abortion bans in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio. Every day, my entire social media feed is dominated by stories of desperate women whose lives ended in pursuit of reproductive freedom. Horrifying tales of 11-year olds forced to carry their rapists’ babies to term, women who were imprisoned for murder…

  • I Just Wanna Know

    I Just Wanna Know

      It hit me the other day when I was at work, on a Saturday. I had the studio space to myself and was working on a large-scale (messy) task, playing a podcast for my enjoyment (The Bowery Boys Epsiode #169 The Tallest Building In New York: A Short History if you must know). When…

  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato

    Grilled Cheese and Tomato

      Let’s get first things first: I am a diner gal. I loooove a good diner. I feel reeeeal comfortable in a vinyl booth, with a laminated menu in my hands, stacking up little jelly pots and creamer pods.   I came of age in diners. I think many of you did, also. There was a Denny’s…