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  • Reality Can Be Harsh

    Reality Can Be Harsh

      As I sit here watching I Wanna Marry “Harry,” the FOX reality show where 12 American women vie for the heart of a man they’ve been led to believe is Prince Harry, it occurs to me how mean reality television used to be.   Nowadays, the biggest reality TV program is, without question, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Or maybe…

  • So You Think You Can Bangs

    So You Think You Can Bangs

      SO YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT CUTTING SOME BANGS INTO YOUR HAIR??? YOU MIGHT THINK TWICE IF YOU KNEW WHAT BANGS ARE REALLY LIKE…   You Will Never Wear Hats! The hat band will press your bangs down, and suddenly, they will be in your eyes, down to your nose, creeping into your mouth… no matter HOW short…