Currently… in April 2019


FEELING:  Strangely reinvigorated! I was very busy, and then I wasn’t, and I’m slowly (without putting a lot of pressure on myself) getting my life together in my downtime. Going to the dentist. Touching up my roots. Washing my sheets and blankets. I have a LOT of blankets, ok, it’s an undertaking! 


WATCHING: I paid for a month of Netflix just so that I could watch the new season of Queer Eye. And while I paid for the Queer Eye, I stayed for the new series of my favorite decade-based documentary series, The 2000s, and to finally finish the series Ascension (terrible acting, ended too soon, but fascinating concept!) and Russian Doll.  I’m so obsessed with Hulu’s series The Act, as you already know, but it’s hauntingly horrible and I almost can’t stomach it.


LISTENING TO:  SOOOOO many podcasts! I feel like I’ve been adding so many every week, so here’s the rundown of all the podcasts I eagerly await new episodes of every week: Casefile, Sword and Scale, Dark Poutine, Beyond Bizarre, Crimes of Passion, Last Podcast on the Left, Page Seven, Dear Prudence, Not Another True Crime Podcast, Assassinations, Canadian True Crime Podcast, and The Bowery Boys. I have honestly and earnestly listened to the back catalogue of ALL OF THESE (I’m stuck on trains a looooot) and splurging for the Spotify Premium so that I’m never stuck on a train without entertainment is one of those expenses I’m so glad I undertook.


WORKING ON: The first half of last month, I was very busy with work. Then, I wasn’t. But I had loads of personal stuff: dentist appointments, taxes, personal admin to catch up on. I’ve been trying to blog more regularly and refresh my knowledge of the various tours I need to do.


THINKING ABOUT: Taking the stability I’ve been able to eke out for myself over the past year and a half, and build on it. Turning my “survival habits” into a sustainable life. What I want to achieve with my life, and how to pursue it.


EATING:  Still eating my terrible mayonnaise sandwiches. I keep trying to figure out how to eat more vegetables (and failing at it!). I also saw someone on Instagram put whipped cream on top of a Jell-O snack pack and I found both ingredients on sale and had A BLAST.


LOOKING FORWARD TO:  It’s the part of late winter/early spring when I’m still wearing my heavy coats, but have miraculously forgotten the actual reality of what “summer” is like, and I’m fantasizing outings and outfits for warmer weather!  


MAKING ME HAPPY: Taking little trips in-town to see things like Hamilton Grange (pictured above) and experience slightly new things in parts of town I’ve just never really been to or noticed before.

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  1. chelsea w says:

    Mayo….sandwiches… I don’t know if I care to know, actually. I NEED to watch The Act; I’ve heard so much about it. I just keep putting it off because I don’t know how I’ll deal with it emotionally. I’m trying to stay away from distressing shows right now since my papaw just died. Russian Doll was really good. Since you have Netflix right now, I’d highly recommend watching Swiss Army Man. PLEASE. Do it for me. For the world. For Daniel Radcliffe’s farts.

    1. meghan says:

      Oooo I’ll check it out, thanks for the rec! I definitely wouldn’t delve into The Act right away. Episode 2 was particularly harrowing, and I had NO WARNING. It’s incredible storytelling and fabulously acted, but it’s a heavy hitter. Almost as gross as Mayonnaise sandwiches. Which also have sriracha and cheese in them! But that’s completely no excuse!

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