Good News! We Are ALL All Stars


Hey! How are you? Staying cool, I hope? This week has been brutal. And before we get to World News, here’s the News with me:

This week started off really great. Last weekend – Saturday – I went thrifting with my boyfriend and found a couple great dresses and a HUUUUUGE hat (you’ll see it, don’t worry!) while he bought some great shirts and pants. We wore our new clothes to a wedding the next day, which was SUCH an amazing time: great music, great venue, it was a really great time all around! Then on Monday, I went out adventuring with some friends from waaaaay back (like, middle school, you guys) and we tried to get into that kickass felt bodega? Alas, it was closed…but we did mooch around and do Chelsea Market and see the Jefferson Market Library.

Tuesday took a crap turn, I woke up with my period and horrible cramps. I managed to do laundry, and take my ass to a super productive therapy session, but the rest of the week was a bit of a blur of crankiness and cramps and headaches.

Next week, though, things look up! I have a tour tonight so I’m hoping the rain holds off, and starting on Monday, I’m back in the studio! Yesterday I gave my hair a bit of a trim, so it looks slightly less ratty at the ends. AND! I started working on a Playa Gift project for Burning Man, which is coming along really nicely! Also, as much as warm weather is like BLURGH sometimes, it’s really nice to finally be in SUMMER! Now let’s talk about puppers, k?


Have you ever seen something so cute that it made you CRY?!? I was looking at pictures of these newborn police puppers and the youngest, fluffiest recruits to Taiwan’s National Police Agency (NPA) when I felt my eyes start to well up! I mean YES, I am in the middle of my period, but these tiny yawning faces !!!!!!   These are the pups of K-9 Unit officer Yellow, and they hope to follow in their mom’s paw-steps. If this super-sweet photo shoot is any indication, they’ll be great at it! Oh my gosh, I’m starting to tear up again!


Speaking of SO CUTE, my BF sent me this article about a helpful golden doggo in South Korea who noticed a street view photographer needed some guidance….and then photobombed every shot!

My new favorite cartoonist is Tom Tomorrow, and I found him through the website The Nib! His Twitter account is a great way to follow his works.


Him’s so sad. He just wants to make friends!!! Gavel is an Australian German Shepherd whose friendly demeanor made him a liability as a police dog, so he was given a special job that caters to his talents!


I jsut about DIED when I saw that Tiffany “New York” Pollard interviewed Bob the Drag Queen. These are two of my favorite ladies and this interview does not disappoint. View it HERE, and check out the bonus clip on YouTube!


I admit, I don’t really know much about Tool’s music, but this was too awesome not to share:


And last night, my boyfriend and I watched like maybe a half dozen videos of this guy, Justin Johnson, who plays music on random objects that he’s turned into string instruments!


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