Wonder Woman: Rescue Angel

A friend recently tipped me off that issue #19 of Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, “Rescue Angel part 1 of 1,” was right up my alley and not to be missed.  Wonder Woman?  Really?  I was quite sceptical, but this comic completely won me over by the end.  And by that I mean I cried.


Meet Lt. Angel Santiago, on her first tour of Afganistan.  WHUT.  Okay, what does this have to do with Wonder Woman, again?

Oh.  Okay.  Her niece is a fan.  She goes into battle carrying a totem of Wonder Woman as good luck.  Okay.

So from there the comic annoyed me a little.  She’s a chick who’s been called in on a chick mission, basically.  They need her for some photo ops!  She flew in to the Middle East to shake hands and kiss babies in front of the camera?  Sure, sure, they sugarcoat it by telling her how important the job is, but she’s basically the Token Female Soldier in the first act…

…until she actually goes out on her mission, to visit a school for young girls.  The idea of young ladies risking their lives for an education pulls this story of tokenism closer to feminism, although to be honest, it still feels a little hokey.  Oh, yeah, sure, girl power and all that and then –

– BAM!  Explosions!  Snipers!  Actual soldiering!  Now things get intense!  Lt. Santiago springs into action, but is it too late?

And that’s about the point where this comic punched me in the emotion gut and I started to leak The Tears.  Got me at the end, too, so if you’re a woman who loves comics – hell, if you’re a person who loves comics – pick up this great single-issue storyline, Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, issue #19 and give yourself some Major Feels.  You get the General Idea.  At ease!  Army puns.

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  1. First off…what's wrong with Wonder Woman stories? I love her! 😉

    I always forget to check out the Sensation Comics, thanks for reminding me. I can't wait to read this one.

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