Brooklyn Botanic Garden

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden without taking a photograph of the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. 

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is free on Saturdays from 10am-noon.  That’s the time to get there – the paths aren’t crowded, and you can get close to take photos!

The real upside of getting to the garden before anyone else is having the entire greenhouse area to yourself.  My favourite is the cactus room!

Here’s something new:  after Hurricane Sandy, several trees were felled, and artist Roderick Romero created a tree house using pieces of wood from those trees.  Being alone in the garden, you can sit on its benches and breathe in the musky, wood scent.  And without anyone to watch, you can take selfies without shame!

After the garden, swing down to Prospect Park to visit the Farmer’s Market, take a stroll through Park Slope, or hang around for an evening at the museum!  Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a great summer getaway.

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