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I am a total Luddite.  I’ve been using iOS 5 for like, three years!  Because of, you know, Cylon threat, and all that.  But lately I’ve been – dare I say? – embracing technology?  And I’ve discovered some great stuff:

My Dynex External Battery is my favourite toy ever.  I never run out of battery at work, on the go, on the subway.  Anywhere you are, if you have a USB cord, you can charge your phone!  Brilliant!

I found this Tech & Go dual USB wall charger in the “impulse bins” at Duane Reade.  There are never enough wall chargers around, and for better or worse, everything seems to charge with a USB!  Phones, the above Dynex genius…and you can never find one when you need it! 

Just be careful how much faith you put in technology.  It can always come back and get you!  I mean, all of this has happened before…


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