Blogtember #2: Ma Vie en Paris

Me in Paris, 30 April 2010 I know it’s a cliche, but if I could take the next three months of my life “off,” I would pool my savings and return to Paris. There, I would live the life of a starving artist – sort of like A Moveable Feast –[…]

Blogtember #1: The Twilight Zone

In five days, it will be five years since I became a New Yorker.  New York City is a city of immigrants, from other parts of the world and all over the world and sometimes – maybe – out of this world.  When people ask where I’m from, I earnestly[…]

Currently…in September 2013

New bang trim…what do we think??? Feeling:  EXCITED!  Fall is my favourite season!  I adore Halloween.  New York Comic Con is just around the corner.  And I count the days until my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! Watching:  Classic Doctor Who.  I keep returning to it because it has[…]