Blogtember #20: Back in Black

I have no idea when I received this bottle of black nail polish, but I know it was before I moved to NYC, so that makes it very old.  I noticed it has started to take a turn for the worse, and decided it needed a proper send-off. Black is[…]

A Whole New Wave

Fall has officially hit, the temperatures are cooler and it’s time to bust out the black leather jackets!  Here’s what I’ve been plugging into my ears lately: A Whole New Wave by MeghanSara on Grooveshark

Blogtember #19: Gripe

I’ve written about my Facebook pet peeves here and here.  But I’ve noticed a new trend has emerged that has gotten so out of hand that I’ve even gone so far as to delete the Facebook app from my phone. I don’t want to make light of other people’s problems,[…]

Cute Couple

It had been an exceedingly long day.  Full day at work, followed by errands.  My legs were sore and muscles buzzing with ache.  It was around 10:30 at night and I had just finished my final errand of the night:  a few essentials at the grocery store. My shopping bag[…]

Blogtember #16: Review — Living Single

All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up.Let’s be honest.  Having a relationship is great, but being single is tha bomb.  Whether you’re a veteran at being unattached or freshly dumped, you have to agree that it’s somewhat of a relief to be footloose and fancy-free!  I even made a[…]

Blogtember #15: Be Careful What You Wish For

“Life lately” is going incredibly well.  Almost too well, in fact… I asked my hair stylist at my last bang trim to do a cute, asymmetrical chop.  The result?  Much too short!  I’ve been growing out my unfortunate bang decision ever since!  I couldn’t wait for fall weather!  The heat[…]

Saul Morales, Door-to-Door Tattoo Artist

It has become The New Norm:  every time I walk down the street, some passerby will call out: “Nice tattoo!” As if I didn’t already know. Crossing the street at Broadway and 96th in search of kale during an apparent UWS Kale Shortage Crisis, a gentleman with a fair amount[…]

Blogtember #14: The Pants Problem

I believe you’ll know if it’s true love or not if you find yourself thinking all day about getting home to that special someone. Or some-thing. And I may have found true love. I bought these sweatpants from Kmart on Friday, September 6th.  And they have taken over my world. […]


You don’t make it to Employee of the Month without making a few die-hard fans. After a little over a year at work, I have gained some fans.  Regular customers who stop in, chat a bit, and whom I’ve gotten to know.  There’s my High School Pep Squad, who pop[…]

Blogtember #12: The September Issue

Today’s Blogtember prompt calls for “only photos.”  I wanted to get a little meta with it:  take photos of photos. See, my friend Matt and I always get together in the beginning of the fall to share Pumpkin Spice Frapps and ogle the September issues of the big fashion magazines. […]

Blogtember #11: Love Actually IS Possible

Halloween 2004 The night before was a huge party in the apartment I shared with two friends who I met at community college.  Decorations still everywhere – orange and black and fake spiderwebs camouflaging the real spiderwebs.  When does a busy college student have time to dust cobwebs? The next[…]

Blogtember #10: Working Girl

Source To the working woman of New York Enduring the sweltering heat in your chrysalis of linen sheath dress Carrying your pumps to work, fluffing open the New York Times, steady hand applying mascara on the unsteadiest of vehicles!  Full of that potential one can only have before the 9-5[…]

Doctor Who / Tom Baker Scarf !!!

Yes, remember a few weeks ago when I started earnestly tackling the most daunting nerd project of all – the infamous Tom Baker scarf?  Ten feet long, it is now FINISHED!  Proving that you never know what you can accomplish until you start! I used this pattern, found on Pinterest,[…]

Blogtember #9: A New Smile

Can you see yourself aging? I can. 2/2009, my headshot, a slight smile. Two days ago, self-portrait, slight smile My smile is different.  I used to have a different smile.  Somehow, without my noticing it, the entire makeup of my face has changed and my smile is not the one[…]

Blogtember #8: Be True to You, Whoever You Are

When I started blogging, it was in the hopes of making more friends like myself. Through blogging, Twitter, and online publications, I became fascinated with all these awesome women and their lives – such as Nat the Fat Rat, Rachele the Nearsighted Owl, and Emily McCombs of xoJane. Each of[…]

Blogtember #6: I Don’t Care

From the moment she saw me like this, her face crumpled into a grimace of disgust.  Whispering tersely into her companion’s ear while glaring at me, they inched through the crowded train to be further away from me.  She had seen the bandage covering the second half of my fresh[…]

Blogtember #5: Take Care

Last Autumn, I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and got the result ESFJ – the Caregiver.  I then proceeded to laugh my ass off at how accurately the result had pegged me. I live to please!  Sometimes to the exclusion of my own needs!  I’m always doing what other people[…]

5 years

On September 8th, 2008, my mother and I loaded up my van and took turns driving down to Forest Hills, Queens, for what has turned into the adventure of a lifetime. To say that this anniversary is a big deal to me would be a gross understatement. Living here is[…]

Blogtember #4: Nothing to Fear

When I sat down to, as today’s Blogtember prompts, write a story about a time I was afraid, I could think of none in recent history. Going back further, however, I remembered there was a time when I was always afraid. I was afraid of losing the people I loved,[…]

Blogtember #3: Like My Father Always Says…

There is, at my parents’ house, a trivet sitting on the stove, belonging to my father and bearing this Elbert Hubbard quote: Source: As a kid, I thought it was funny.   Redundant. “Well, of course you don’t make it out alive… That’s the point!” As an adult, the saying[…]