For the Love of Chocolate

The love of chocolate is not uncommon, but I think I get extra points for taking it to an extreme level.  Love of chocolate practically got me my job, after all!  And my passion is alive and well and taking over my cupboards. 

I can’t tell you enough how much I freaking love chocolate.  Can you get past the fudgy, greasy, flaky-on-the-outside perfect brownie?

From The Fat Witch in Chelsea Market!

How about this insanity – a chocolate-covered chocolate chip cookie!  The outer perimeter is crunchy, the inside is chewy and soft and it’s all covered in chocolate!

Why cover jelly beans in chocolate?  WHY NOT?  I ask you!

Why, chocolate continues to amaze me every day.  Chocolate mochi!  Is there anything that chocolate can’t do?


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