A Peek At… Nice Green Bo

I am a giving person, quick to share my heart with almost anyone.  There are three words that I’m quick to dispense to say that I place in someone my trust, my memories, and my secrets.

I’m about to say those three words to you.

Nice.  Green.  Bo.

Way down in Chinatown, Nice Green Bo is a well-guarded secret.  When I bring a new friend there, they almost always walk past the door which, ironically, is plastered with reviews proclaiming it the best-kept secret Chinese restaurant.  Go figure.

There are three qualities that define a good Chinese restaurant.  A good restaurant will have good food, or large portions, or low prices.  A great restaurant can have any two of those.

Nice Green Bo has ALL THREE.   AT THE SAME TIME.

There are three other words that unlock the secret to happiness that I share only with those closest to me that can change the nature of our relationship forever:  Pan-Fried Noodles.

One order of Pan-Fried Noodles is enough for two – how romantic!  Sharing a plate of noodles with a special someone – like a weird Chinatown  Lady and the Tramp.  Fact:  I brought my mother to Nice Green Bo back in September, and she’s been trying to find and or make Pan-Fried Noodles ever since then.

Nice Green Bo & Pan-Fried Noodles:  I love you.

Nice Green Bo Restaurant
66 Bayard Street (between Elizabeth & Mott)
(212) 625-2359

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