A Peek At… Malu

I’ll give you a topic:  Long Island City is neither in Long Island, nor is it much of a city.  Discuss.

While you’re fighting that one out, I’m going to hop on a Queens-bound R train and GO to Long Island City for some ice cream from Malu!

If I had to sum up the Malu in one word, it would be “sweet.”  The
outside is brightly lit and really stands out in the neighborhood.

The inside is equally beautifully lit with fairy lights, wooden chairs, and covered in candy and treats!  During our visit, the walls were lined with sweet photography of couples in local settings, or local couples in local settings.  Even before I tasted the ice cream, I was in a diabetic shock from all the sweet!  Luckily, I picked the most amazing and delicious flavour for the occasion.

My confession:  I don’t like things too sweet.  Sure, it’s nice once in a while, but I do love me some robust, savory flavours.  I was more than thrilled with my choice of Lady Olivia’s Afternoon Cuppa, steeped with Lady Grey tea.  It was sweet, subtle, creamy, and rich, with the tang of black tea and citrus notes.  The kind of ice cream that makes your tongue feel rough and haunts you for days with cravings for more, more, MORE!

Good thing it’s only an R train away!

12-09 Jackson Ave, Long Island City
718-729-MALU (6258)
Wed – Mon  12-8pm (closed Tuesday)


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