Non-traditional Traditional Grilled Cheese

This is pretty much the only thing I will stoop to cook for myself., because it is so easy, fast, and incredibly delicious!  All you need is:

2 slices of your favourite bread
Cheddar cheese – as much or as little as you want!
Gulden’s or your favourite brown mustard
Mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip)

First, slather some mustard to taste on one or both slices of bread.

Add the cheese!  I like real cheddar.

Close up the sandwich, then lightly spread some mayo on the outside of the top of the sandwich.

Flip that upside-down onto your skillet, then mayonnaise the underside (yes, I just used “mayonnaise” as a verb.  Come at me, grammar bro!).  I have done this A LOT and found this is the easiest way.

Turn on your skillet to high and wait a couple minutes.  This next step is crucial:  Before you flip, take a spatula and press down on the sandwich lightly but firmly.  If the top slice sticks to the spatula and pulls off, DO NOT FLIP IT YET.  Big cheesey mess.  If the ENTIRE SANDWICH lifts up, you’re ready to flip!  Slide the spatula under and flip that puppy!

I keep flipping her over and over until I get a nice, deep char.  Mmm, greasy cheesy heaven!

Cut your sandwich into triangles (the only respectable sandwich shape, IMHO!) and enjoy!!!

Obviously, this is a very simple recipe, but the mustard gives it kind of a British flavour (like Welsh rarebit) and there are so few ingredients that this is a dish that’s always on hand.

If your tastes run more gourmand, check out the blog Grilled Cheese Social!  Make sure you have your sandwich made already, though, because it’s going to make you hungry!!!

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