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  • And THAT’s Why I Have Trust Issues

    And THAT’s Why I Have Trust Issues

      Yeah, you could say I’m a little FRAGILE lately!!!!   ICYMI, my life has been going through a lot of changes???? Okay, I’ll level with you: I HATE being out of the loop on important things. Things that matter to me. By people that matter to me. People I should be able to trust!   And that’s why I’m feuding with…

  • Lose The Face

    Lose The Face

    What’s the HOTTEST NEW MILLENNIAL TREND IN SOCIAL MEDIA???? Deleting Facebook. …maybe. At a dinner get-together, a friend of ours mentioned that she made a bold move recently: she deleted the Facebook app off her phone. She said that it was a total time-suck, and her least favorite social network, and deleting it off of…